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The evolution of Sola stems from the Irish (Gaelic) word Solas, meaning ‘light’ or ‘enlightenment’. Solas is associated with the word ‘life’ as reflected in the Irish expression ‘le mo sholas’ which translates to ‘as long as I live’. 

Solas also is connected to the Latin word Sol, translated as 'sun'.


This diversity of language and symbolic meaning for Solas/Sol has encouraged our broad service offering. We aim to foster your 'enlightenment' and growth, as it relates to your personalized goals. Our practitioners are a key aspect in encouraging your processing, much like the sun supports growth in nature.


Thus, we take inspiration from the origins of the word Solas and have simplified it to Sola. Our Sola remains connected to the light and perspective    (enlightenment), that stem from the word's root meaning.

Essentially, Sola supports your growth.


SOLA Counselling is focused on a holistic approach to supporting our clients.


Our icon (above), reflects a 4-prong approach focused on the following values:

  • Professional 

  • Rooted in advanced academic knowledge

  • Objective empathetic softness

  • Value of a trusted friend


These key attributes are represented in our icon then wrapped in a circle representative of the sun, which encases our key values with a 'circle of support'.

As a client of SOLA Counselling, we will support you in your journey to engage in externalized supports, aiming to reduce your suffering, and increase your sense of happiness, growth, and interconnection with yourself and others.

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